How to know the fake Himalayan salt lamp

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How to know if your Himalayan Salt Lamp is genuine or fake?

We have published our best picks for Himalayan Salt Lamps previously and many users have liked these though, there are many users who asked us how to know the fake Himalayan salt. These crystals have become very popular natural health betterment gadgets. This popularity has caused many increased demand and lower supply which served the opportunity to fake lamps to enter the market. there are many fake lamp manufacturers providing low quality and artificially created crystals. We have come up with the few ways to detect the false and true apart.

  • if you find that you salt lamp is really bright that it illuminates the whole room then chances are it is fake. As you can understand salt lamp crystals are made of various minerals they tend to absorb the light and send out the partial light of bulb. The bright lamp is a good sign that is could be fake.
  • White crystal but the lamp was cheap in cost?Generally, you will find the Himalayan lamps are pinkish or orange colored but this doesn’t mean the White is fake. Pure white crystals are very rarely found and thus has high pricing. If you bought a white colored Himalayan lamp with the regular price then there are higher chances that yours is fake.
  • Moisture Test you may call it. If your Himalayan salt lamp is handling the moisture very easily then there are chances it can be fake. Himalayan lamps cleanse the air by absorbing the moisture in the air around them and evaporating the water content back to surrounding while leaving a positive effect on the environment around it.
  • Durability is not common in these lamps. The crystals are fragile in nature thus limit its durability. Ther are many instances when crystals are broken while shipping or being delivered to customers because of wrong handling. Considerable impact on solid surface and your crystal will be broken. If your lamp is shock proof then it may be fake.
  • Poor Return policies of sellers is also a factor that they can be selling fake products. HPS salt lamps are generally offered with a return policy and are handled very well with customer support. Fraile nature of crystal is main cause that very few sellers are selling genuine product thus you need to find the proper sellers.
  • No benefits of lamps after using it for a long time can be the another factor that proves it could be fake. There are so many people who have positively benefited from Himalayan salt lamps who were suffering from asthma to allergies to metal weaknesses. If you are not seeing any positive impact after keeping it for a long time there might be the chance that your lamp is fake.
  • If the crystal is not from Pakistan. The Pakistan is currently the sole exporter of Himalayan crystals and many manufacturers are making lamps for the same. The crystal needs to be from Pakistan to be genuine in general. if your lamp has a crystal from other country chances are your lamp is fake. There is the difference in country of origin of crystal and country of assembly is done for the lamp.

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