What to Look for in a Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Himalayan salt Lamps are the refreshing and positivity adding accessories may it be your office or bedroom or home or even garden. This special kind of Himalayan salts are known to add special kind of effects on your body and thought process too. However many people don’t know what they should be looking for while buying Himalayan Slat Lamp for themselves. We have few points enlisted below to help you to buy a best Himalayan Salt Lamp for your needs.


Himalayan Salts Crystals:
Himalayan Salts are naturally found in the wide range of Pakistani mountains and hills. Though these have the unique texture and shape advance technology has found a way to produce fake Himalayan salt lamps which look same as originals. You need to check the quality of the salt crystals before buying to be sure about its originality. How to find original Himalayan Salt lamp? The best way to find this answer is buying not looking at pictures or description but the reviews of users written under. See what actual buyers are experiencing with the product and if there are more positive results then you can say this is an original salt lamp you can buy.


Safety of Lamps:

While buying a salt lamp consider it as electrical device too as it is actually power buy electrical bulb inside. Thus, Himalayan salt lamp is electrical device, you have to consider what voltage and current ratings it need for operating. There might be some reviews about short-circuit causing products so keep watch on reviews too. The salt lamp you buy need to be sterdy and rigid thus not rolling over places with small briz of wind. There are Certifications such as CE and RoHS are also common indicators of safety. Look out for this certifications too.


Handling:Himalayan Salt Lamp handling

Keep in mind that salt lamps can go for long time without any distortion so while buying one consider this.  Always look for a simple design and easy to setup product as it would help you to setup and locate at different palcecs with no time. There are electric bulbs inside the Himalayan Salt Lamps thus you need to replace the same over the time. Look for easy design thus easy to replace bulb.



The Himalayan Salt Lamps are neccesory accessories for you home or office and these can add more value to entire design of you office or home. Thus remember your need of design while ordering one. You can find plenty of designs and sizes of himalayan salt lamps in the market. do not forget to look for the better design choice once you are done with all the above factors.



You can get confused by seeing varity of Himalayan Salt Lamps offered in stores and we have come up with a Best 10 Himalayan Salt lapms list. Hopefully this list will help you to choose your best. we keep on updating list every time we come across new lamp.

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